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If we all agree on something is that the best food memories, the best dishes are always made by our grand-parents.

I have a lot of food memories with my grand- parents, a lot of smells, tastes memories and this image of my Italian grandpa making ravioli… He spent hours making his ravioli for the family reunions, then put them in the bedroom on 2 single beds that he brought closer, put a bed sheet on the top and spread the ravioli onto them, ready to be cooked and sprinkled with a homemade tomato sauce which is still, for me, the best in the world. My cousin and I secretely stole some and ate them raw, just like that. 

La mamie, la nonna, the gran knows best. That can’t be explained. We all try to replicate the exact same recipe and it’s never the same. Never.

So when I heard  about ‘Mamie foodie’ it was an obligation for me to talk about it. 

It’s a beautiful, innovative and super great idea.

It was in Paris 2 years ago when 5 students, freshly graduated put together what they had in common, a passion for cooking and created Mamie Foodie. 

The grannies and grandpa of all origins can feel usefull, they can socialize, please people and supplement their income while doing what they love and they do better than anyone else : cooking. 

Brunch, street food, cooking classes, catering… The grand-parents team is getting bigger and the requests are coming.

On the news lately, they are looking for a venue to open a restaurant to put the nans behind the stove and then develop the same concept in other cities in France.  

So my friends in Paris, let’s place orders ! http://www.mamiefoodie.com/ 





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