- The ‘B-boy Festival’ and my French toast rolls

Live in from ‘Cafe Greco’ in North Beach, I wanted to share my recipe of my french toasts rolls.

‘Cafe Greco’ which is definitely an Italian cafe despite its name has different coffées (‘L’Americano’ but also ‘Il Greco’ and ‘L’Africano’), playing Italian songs, old fashion that some would find cheesy, but that makes me feel romantic (or even more romantic).
And VERY important, ‘Cafe Greco’ has a free wifi which is not the case everywhere.
In San-Francisco, this geek’s world, they don’t really think about tourists as they probably suppose that everybody is like them, having a world wide connection or I don’t know what…  but I don’t and I have no internet connection outside the house so finding a cafe where the waiter doesn’t look at you like you’re coming from another planet when you ask for a wifi is a luxe. 

I continue my journey, so happy to wear short in the middle of October when in London the heater is already at the maximum and I would have wear wool tights under my pants (no very sexy I know but that’s the case).

I spent my Sunday in the Mission district for the ‘Bboy festival’. Bboy but still very hippie, where you could execute some breakdance steps by the DJ’s booth, relax  in camping chairs and enjoy the vibe while eating some cakes made by the locals…. bboy1



Hungry after getting lost again on my way back home, I felt like something sweet, sweet but not too much, soft and easy to make… like French toasts.


French toast roll-ups serves 1

Ingredients :

  • 2 slices of brown bread
  • Milk
  • 2 tbsp of brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • Berries, or any fresh fruits 


Cut the crust of your bread and flatten it with a rolling pin (a glass will do) and you will be surprised how it can become so thin. 

I spread that strange thing that you can find here, cream cheese with strawberries (just want to specify that I didn’t buy that…)  ‘Normal’ cream cheese will be perfect or just butter. Add the fruits and roll tightly. 

Prepare in a soup bowl, the milk, sugar and the egg. Mix and roll in each roll-up  gently and put them sealed side down in a frying pan with butter.  Let it brown slowly on each sides and serve with whipping cream, or yogurt, ice-cream or just like that.
You can also add or replace nuts, desiccated coconut….





I hope that you will enjoy the roll-ups while I am enjoying my Italian coffee with Eros Ramazzotti singing ‘totalmente in amore’….


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