- Human cheese !

Happy 2014 !!!

I wish you an amazing new year, let’s forget about the boring false courtesies, so I wish you to run naked in fields, to swim on Trafalgar Square fountain at night (one of my fantasy), drink champagne for breakfast at 6am and of course a lot of love, sex, wine, food and money !

I wanted to start the year in a stinking way. Why not after all ?

The Norwegian scientist Sissel Tolaas is a nose, a smeller, a sniffer…

Her extensive odor archive exceeds 7,000 distinct scents (the perspiration of David Beckham is rumored to live among them—thanks in part to a collaboration with Adidas). I so envy her.

In France, the more the cheese is strong and stinky, the more we like it. For others, the association of pungent odor with those of an un-showered armpit or perhaps feet stayed for too long in trainers can repel.

Tolaas in association with Christina Agapakis, chemist, wanted to celebrate the bacterial link between body and cheese and the possibilities this relationship possesses are at the core of “Selfmade”. They cooked up some fresh human cheese… yes that’s exactly what you think….

Tears, belly button junk and nose scrapings.

Yummy, no ? I feel sick now…

Each cheese was crafted from the starter cultures of the human donor’s skin, which was swiped from the source with a sterile cotton swab. These unique bacteria then shape a unique odor.

The great cheese experiment was part of “Grow Your Own”, an exhibition at the Dublin Science Gallery.

‘Can knowledge and tolerance of bacterial cultures in our food improve tolerance of the bacteria on our bodies?’ was the big question.

The cheese was not made to be eaten (thanks God).

Wine and cheese party ? This time I will have wine only, thank you.


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