- Chocolate pasta and prawns

So, I think we can say it now, Spring is here !!!!

Everything is more beautiful with the sun, people are more beautiful and smily, gardens are more beautiful, we walk barefoot and don’t worry about what to wear really…

After a routine check earlier this week at the hospital, they told me that I lack of vitamine D… I told you! I should have gone sun bedding ! For people from the south it was too much ! Too much rain, too much cold and too much grey (I don’t like grey it’s a sad color).

Presciption from my doctor? A lot of sun. I love that!

Like every year when she sun shows up, I try to spend most of my time outside, I work, eat and drink in my garden, don’t want to go in the house, don’t want to go to bed.

On that wonderful day yesterday, I finally cooked my chocolate pasta bought a few months ago, mixed with my most urgent yesterday’s envy : prawns, Mediterranean way (meaning : with what I had left in the fridge).

Well, the prawns were great with chopped fresh tomatoes, hot cucumber, lemon juice, soy sauce and a lot of salt and pepper, but mixed with the chocolate pasta (that’s all I had) I am still not convinced.

The same way but with fresh normal pasta would have been so much better. So make it simple, simple pasta with olive oil, a few prawns on the top and a lot of sun.

Happiness can be as simple as that.


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