- My sister’s hot goat cheese

It’s been 4 months… 4 months that I haven’t written anything on my blog. 

The reason why is that I put it on the side for a while, a little while… The end of 2017 has been a bit hectic, it’s the usual when you’re a chef but on the top of everyhing I added to myself this big project that I am working on.
You will love it….

With all that, I didn’t even take the time to wish you a wonderful new year !!!! May 2018 brings you health and a lot of little everyday happiness !!!

I am in Nice for nearly 2 months, I am having a very very long holiday, the last time I was in Nice was 2 years ago…. too long… So I am making for lost time. 

While in Nice (where it’s raining today… yes it happens here too) I take advantage of everything life has to offer. Family, friends, sun, sea, beach, wine and a lot of cooking. 

I cook with my sister, we organize cooking workshop at hers at least once a week and we test new recipes, and she made her famous ‘hot goat cheese tartine’. The kitchen is full of good stuff so we invite people for ‘apero’ to try our creations. 

In between canapés, homemade burger and other goodies, here is the recipe of my sister’s tartine. 


Hot goat cheese tartine, serves 2.

-2 slices of brown bread
– 100g of fresh goat cheese
– 200g of goat cheese like ‘bûche de chèvre’ or ‘crottin de chavignol’
– 2 garlic cloves
– 50g of Asian salad mix (a mix of mustard, melissa, red chard…)
– Chive
– Fresh mint leaves
– A splash of lemon
– Truffle oil
– 10 Roast hazelnuts

Method : 

Roast your hazelnuts in the oven on baking parchment, on medium heat till they are golden (around 15min).

Meanwhile, rub your bread with the garlic cloves, cut some slices of the goat cheese and  place them on the bread. 

Make a mix with the fresh goat cheese and chive and ideally put it in a pipping bag. 
Toast your bread till the goat cheese is hot and starts melting. 

Poach the fresh goat cheese around the bread tartine, put your asian salad mix on the top, sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts, mint,  a splash of lemon, and truffle oil. 

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