- Canelés s’il vous plait !

When I think about canelés, I think about the smell first.  Divine smell of vanilla, caramel… the kind of smell that brings you straight back to your childhood and when I was coming back from school, my mum always behind the stove, enchanted the kitchen with beautiful smells…

Canelés are those little cute things, brown and glossy, delicate and not too sweet, elegant, puffy, fluffy, soft in the middle with a crispy-caramelized crust. Not only the smell is divine. 

Those pretty things are originally from Bordeaux in the south west of France but are also made in different region. 

I met Caroline from Yvonne et Guite who makes canelés ‘the way it should be’ she humbly says. They are definitely the way it should be, delicious. 

Like a lot of food stories, it started 20 years ago in her family home’s kitchen where Caroline and her sister started to experiment using the cookbooks and recipes of their grandmothers, Yvonne and Guite.

She turned her passion into a business one year ago.

They come in two different sizes, the one bite or the two bites. Baked to order, I love them all.   

Events, birthday, wedding… The good news is that Yvonne et Guite deliver in all UK !





Photos credit, Yolene Dabreteau


  1. Alex Duruy says:

    Thanks for spotting and presenting these pastries. Definitely something to try sooner rather later. Cheerio

  2. You’re welcome, let me know what you think when you try them.

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