- Carottes râpées -Grated carrots

I’ve always loved old bistrots. 

The good old meals we get there are like anywhere else. Bistrots are like your grand-mother’s cuisine, real, hearty, comforting. 
It reminds me of my childhood, when we were on holiday, with my dad driving hours in the country side to reach the village where we would spend a few weeks. On the way we stopped to little bistrots along the road and had ‘poireaux vinaigrette’, ‘gratin Dauphinois’, ‘Blanquette de veau’…. and also ‘carottes râpées.
When I was at school, my grand-parents were looking after my cousins and I on wednesdays afternoon.
You know when you eat at your grands-parents there are always a few typical dishes that you always have. One of them in my family was ‘carottes râpées’ as starter. 

Usually served in bistrots, the ‘carottes râpées’ are grated carrots, served with olive oil and a bit of lemon. That’s so simple and so enjoyable at the same time. 

I am back from a long trip and amongst several destinations, I went to Spain to see my friends who is a pastry chef and was telling me about the ‘carottes râpées’ he makes. 

I made some today, with different colours organic carrots and added some goat cheese balls and sesame seeds. 


Carottes râpées, serves 2.

– 4 small carrots
– 1 fresh goat cheese
– 1 lemon
– 1 orange
– sesame seeds
– poppy seeds
– olive oil

Grate the carrots in a bowl. Spoon a bit of goat cheese and roll it in your hands to form little balls. Make as much as you like and roll them in poppy seeds to add a bit of colour. Add them on the top of your salad, wth a lemon splash. 
Make your vinaigrette by mixing the olive oil, salt and pepper and the juice of 1/2 orange. 
Pour on the carrots and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Et c’est tout ! 🙂

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