- Tomato tart Tatin

What’s more beautiful than heirloom tomatoes ? The season is coming to an end….

I’ve already made tarte tatin with beetroot, mangoes…. but never with tomatoes.

My sister who is a goddess in her kitchen and a tomato lover, posted a picture of her cherry tomato tart tatin, it was so cute that I thought I should try. 

She makes her tart with balsamic vinegar and sugar for the caramel.  I didn’t have any balsamic anymore but I had honey, I buttered my moulds, spreaded a bit of honey and added a bit of mustard on the dough, that reminds me of my mum’s ‘tarte à la tomate’ that she used to make in summer when we were younger. 

The name Tatin is coming from 1880 when in a village in France called Lamotte-Beuvron one of the Tatin sister (Stephanie Tatin) accidentally left some apples in the oven for too long. They owned a restaurant (her sister Caroline and her) and on a very busy day, Stephanie doing most of the cooking, left the apples in the oven for too long. Trying to cover the overcooked apples, she put a dough on the top and flipped it before serving. This upside down tart was such a success, greater than the usual apple tart they used to make that their name became famous. 

Let’s celebrate the tomatoes with cherry tomato tart tatin, and heirloom tomato tart.

The result is definitely approved, fresh, beautiful, divine…..


Cherry tomato tart Tatin

For 2 little tart of around 12cm/4 inches diameter

Ingredients :

– A few heirloom tomatoes + around 20 cherry tomatoes
– 1 tsp of honey
– 2 tsp of mustard
– 1 roll of puff pastry
– Salt, pepper
– Olive oil
– Fresh thyme and/or rosemary
– Fresh basil
– 2 little moulds of 12cm/4 inches

Method :

Preheat the oven at 350°F/180°C.
Wash the tomatoes, start with the tatin. 
Cut 2 circles of dough with the edges of your little moulds, butter your moulds, add the honey at the bottom then place the cherry tomatoes. 
Spread the mustard on one side of the dough circles, add salt and pepper to your tomatoes. 
Cover with the dough, mustard side down and tuck the dough inside your mould to kind of seal it. 
Put in the oven for around 15min, till the dough on the top is golden. 
Allow to rest for 5min (you will have some water coming out of your moulds), and flip them over.

For the heirloom tomato tarts, slice your tomatoes, cut a circle of the size of the mould you want to use (I re-kneaded my dough, spreaded it with a rolling pin and flour to be able to have the size I wanted).
Spread some mustard on one side of your dough.
Place your tomato slices nicely with salt pepper, thyme and olive oil. 
Put them in the oven for 15min, till your kitchen smells paradise. 



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