- Full of colour farro salad

On my precedent post, I was talking about the fact that I don’t eat enough cereals and grains, and a few days later, I was in this French kind San Francisco restaurant, I tried farro. I won’t give you the name of that restaurant as I don’t remember it, simply because the overall experience was not great.

My farro vegetarian dish was soggy, heavy and tasteless.

The exact opposite of the al dente and sexy Italian cuisine.

I am talking about Italian cuisine as farro is widely used in Italy. 

The farro is trendy but not a new trend, the kind of trend that lasts for 10 000 years. First domesticated in the fertile crescent (that crescent-shaped part of land who saw some of the earliest human civilizations which is also a very moist and fertile land comparitively to the arid climate of the rest of Western Asia). 
Very popular in Egypt before spreading to Italy and the whole world, farro is a great source of magnesium and vitamin A,B, C and E and contains more fiber than rice or quinoa. 

Soups, mains and even desserts (maybe soon a farro cake recipe will come on this blog, who knows?)

For now I made this salad with A LOT  of vegetables and a few blackberries. With this salad I didn’t have my 5 a day but my 10 a day at least 🙂

Just boil 1 cup of farro with 2 cups of water with salt for around 25min till the grains are still a bit crunchy. Add a bit of water if necessary while cooking. 

The usual farro salad in Italy is with mozzerella, tomato and basil. 

In this one, I put yellow zucchini, yellow French beans, purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantain, red cabbage, raddishes, yellow beetroot, a few quarters of grapefruit, garlic, ginger, blackberries, celery root and clover sprouts. 

It’s the best way to start Spring 😉





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