- Callysthé, the flowered tea from the maquis

Once upon a time, (I love to start my posts by ‘once upon a time’) a Mediterranean island famous for its beauty, wildness, own dialect, goats and saucisson… Corsica. 
Countless plants grow in the ‘maquis’ this wild forest that in addition to its beaches make Corsica so unique. It’s said that there is something like 2500 different species.
Thanks to its lush vegetation, Corsica will also be known for its teas very soon.

People who know me, know that I love the homemade, the local, seasonal, that’s why I am so keen on talking about Callysthé.
I am also very keen on talking about it as I know the guy behind the idea. I had the chance to meet Anthony in London, 2 years ago, who already had an entrepreneurial mind set and so, after learning English wanted to open his own business. 
Well, it’s done since last December.   

Why Callysté ? Kallisté is a greek name which means ‘the most beautiful’ often given to one of their island ‘Santorini’ but also to Corsica during Antiquity.

A whole collection of flowered teas, pure, delicate, carefully chosen, not to mention the pretty design of their boxes.

Made with rooibos, the tea without caffeine, mixed with the subtle flavors of the island. Chestnuts, figues, almonds for one, Nepita, fennel and mint for another… The immortelle, myrtle and Damascus roses are part of the collection too.

The teas are already sold everywhere in Corsica, in delies, restaurants and also in Paris ! oui ! oui !







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