- Paprika and cayenne pepper pumpkin seeds

I hope that you are starting this new year the nicest way. 

If you were wondering, my people, I am starting 2017 the best way, full of energy, a lot of work, a beautiful skin and zero alcohol !

Yes zero wine, zero alcohol for exactely 12 days… I am doing good… Well, it’s hard but seing the result on my skin, is very rewarding and you realize that drinking has always an excuse : when you are done with work, with a cigarette, when you are working, when you cannot sleep…. I found myself a lot of excuses especially in December (Christmas parties, birthdays, bottle already open, bottle closed that you want to open anyway, watching a movie with a glass of wine is nicer than with tea or it’s full moon, we have to celebrate etc etc….)  so enough is enough. 
It’s easy you just have to stop going out completly and become dissociable. 

Without any joke at all, it’s hard but I thought it would be harder than that so I added a bit more difficulty to my life and im going through a lot of test on myself. For whom ? For you my people !

I am trying natural remedies to look better, better skin, better hair with no chemicals but only fresh ingredients that i have in my kitchen. 
So at the moment, I am experimenting paprika homemade mask,  no-poo method (that one is hard)  and oil pulling every morning for a few days, followed by my morning lemon juice that i cannot skip but with turmeric and ginger, oui oui !
I know that’s a lot for the little person I am 🙂 and so much better too. After a quiet long period taking antibiotics for a little problem I still have by the way, I’ve decided to stop everything, put my body at rest and go for a more holistic solution.
That’s how I healed a flu in December, without any medication at all. It was a big flu, the one that hurts your whole body, legs, arms, hands and even my gums… 
Garlic like crazy, raw and cooked, thyme infusion like crazy, lemon juice, eucalyptus essential oil and less than 3 days to fully recover.

Since then,  I study macrobiotics and use me as a guinea pig. 

A lot to come for you, beauty talking and a lot less s..t in our life. 

2017 for me is to move forward, go deeper in my believes and knowing what i really want to change, to improve in my life, be more centered and learn from my mistakes as always and it also includes my daily beauty routine. Seriously, 2016 has been crappy, for the world and for a lot of people so it’s with my arms widely open that I welcome this new year…. And with homemade roasted pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack. 

Paprika and cayenne pepper pumpkin seeds

When you make a soup, gratin or pumpkin pie (here is a great recipe : http://www.marlenefoodstyling.com/2017/01/2017-wishes-and-late-pumpkin-pie/), keep the seeds and wash them. 
Dry them on a baking tray or baking parchment for a few hours. In a bowl, mix olive oil, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper add the seeds and mix before spreading them on a tray or plate that goes in the oven with parchment baking paper and roast for around 15min at 350°F/180°C till they are golden.
The paprika and cayenne pepper can be replaced by any spice you like.




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