- Vits and Kicks

We are the 10th of December and so, I declare the festive season open. 

Christmas parties, cocktail hours, wine o’clock that starts lunch time, sweets and alcohol consumed in too big quantity… 

With that, comes the guilt. Guilt about not even have started the pre-Christmas diet planned to give your body a good makeover before the damage will start.
Guilt about not going to the gym often enough and finally stop trying to convince yourself that you can do it, gym+a lot of parties, as we all know what the result will be,  we won’t go, always postpone to finally go back in January when you will seriously start this strict diet. Really seriously. 
I know the feeling.
Guiltiness forgotten after a few drinks that comes back the next morning with the usual :  ‘Vodka? No more ! Never ever !’ Let’s face it, it’s hard to resist, we just have to accept it as guilt is not healthy either anyway. 

I was born on the 24th of November and for so many years, my mum has always made the Christmas tree for my birthday and so started Christmas celebration one month before. That’s how I grew up, in a family where any kind of little, insignificant event for some, has to be celebrated. 
That’s what life is all about, no ? To go with the flow sometimes, let yourself go and appreciate what we have withtout any guilt. 

Still if guilt there is, I have a solution for you, my people : Vits and Kicks 

Vits and kicks is based in London, The founder is Matt, an amazing bartender who made his classes in some of the most famous bars, members clubs, restaurants…

Bespoke cocktails for your bispkoke private, corporate events, festivals…  Fresh juice with a kick : alcohol.
It’s a mobile bar that will also bring the cocktails and the staff.
And for those who already had too much rum and can’t stand just the odour, for those who are more (as Matt says) about the Vits than the Kick, they also serve a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. 

See ? Fresh juice/vitamins problem sorted. So let’s forget about guiltiness, just enjoy, we have a solution, call Matt and his team !










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