- Fruits croquettes with leftover pulp

In my  new flat, there is my new kitchen and in this new kitchen, my new kitchen tools. 

So happy to have a juicer and go back to a routine left in London 1 year ago, so happy to think that my greyish complexion will make place to a pinky-healthy skin color thanks to the ton of fruits I will drink for breakfast.

After figuring out how to make work what looks like more than a tank to me than a juicer (anybody allergic to anything with more than a on/off button like me would’ve had a hard time to find out how to make the machine works) and enjoying my first 5-a-day juice of the year, I  was left with a lot of waste : the fibres that the juicer sent on the opposite side of the juice, the non liquid sutff but still the essential for my body, for my flawless-to- be-skin.

I ended up having a lot of fruit pulp after 10 days and felt guiltiness to waste that much food especially after my latest post about Regina Tchelly and her zero waste recipes. . 


I wanted to find a way to reuse this big blend of papaya, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, strawberries, oranges..

I know that we can make some smoothies with the carrots pulp, some masks with the orange added to yogurt… My mum used to bake chocolate cakes with zucchini to make them moist and I remember 30 years ago to find that so weird. I am myself now make cakes with beetroot and it’s delicious. You can also make a jam with lemon pulp, or compote with apple, peach or pear pulp, ice cube with cucumber.
But when they are all blended ?
Who wants to separate them ?
Should we make a single fruit juice per day, a green one one day, and orange one the following day etc… ? But what if you want your rainbow each morning ?And if like me,  it takes you ages to assemble the bloody blender before going to work ? We need something practical when your blender is not and your time precious.  We need a new way to use those fruits and veg pulp, we need croquettes for example ? No ? Why not ? You know I love croquettes. I make croquettes often so why not to make them sweet for once ? 

If unlike me, you don’t feel like making and/or eating croquettes right now, freeze the pulp, in small portions so that you can reuse them little by little and make soups, make a filling for your crêpes, tarts, add it to a chocolate cake, it will be very moist, muffin, smothies, sweet spring rolls with a chocolate sauce…..

Me ? I made croquettes and a jam.  
I still have 12 croquettes that i didn’t cook, they are made and frozen for next time. 

For around 20 small croquettes : 

Ingredients :

-450g or 3 cups of fruits reduced in puree with a mixer
-340g or 1 cup of buckwheat flour
-340g or 1 cup of coconut four
-45g or a bit less than 1/4 of cup of sunflower seeds or any seed you like
-85g or 1/4 of cup of honey
– zests of 1 orange
-2 pinches of cinnamon powder
-2 eggs
-Vegetables oil


Method :

Mix all the ingredients and make some balls, galettes, or any shape you want. 

Take 2 flat plates and 1 soup bowl put a bit of cocunut flour or wheat flour in one flat, the breadcrumbs on the other and the 2 eggs beaten in the soup bowl. Heat some vegetable oil in a pan, roll your croquettes first in the flour, then eggs and breadcrumbs. Fry them till they are golden brown on each sides and set them aside on absorbant paper. 




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