- Chocolate cream pots

It’s been a while that I haven’t talked about chocolate. It has to stop.
Actually I don’t talk about chocolate much as, as I said in a few of my post I am a cheater, I love tampered chocolate, the milk one and above all, the white chocolate. The most fatted one, the less natural one…. Bad…. I know….

Well that white chocolate love leads to great recipes sometimes, like the blondies I made :  


Anyway, I still cook chocolate for my private dinners and cooking classes, like those little chocolate cream pots we made last time at one of my class. Delicious, simple, those pots bring you back to your childhood. 


Chocolate cream pots  for around 8 little pots


-1 liter of milk or almond milk
-200g of dark chocolate (1.69 cup)
– 100g of sugar (0.84 cup)
– 50g of butter (0.42 cup)
-40g of flour (0.33 cup)


Method :

Mix flour and butter, add the milk. Mix well, add the sugar and mix. Add the chocolate cut in little pieces, let it heat up for 5/10 minutes. Mix well till it gets thicker. 

Transfer in little jars, I don’t think that sterilizing them is needed because they will go straight away as they are so good. Up to 3 days is perfecly fine to keep them in the fridge anyway.




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