- The cutest cuties

It’s something I didn’t want to do….

But…. I said I would do it so I am keeping my words…

I will give you the trick on how to get pinky, girly quail eggs. 

I am a bit jealous now as those eggs are so easy to make that they will be on a lot of tables very soon for the apero.

I read a lot before making those eggs for one of my client.  I am telling you, there is no need my people. 

No need for  pickling (I tried and the eggs get a not-that–nice vinegar taste), no need for ingredients, kitchen tools, spices or anything like that. Let’s avoid the fuss. 

I tried the fuss for you, it doesn’t work well, my recipe would be just longer, that’s it.  

It’s summertime, in Nice it’s 30°C, a lot of time spent at the beach, no time to prepare a long apero. 

In London, summer is here too (oui, oui), while it’s here, let’s not spend too much preparing and enjoy the weather. 

You will just need some quail eggs, some water, a breetroot and 2 pots. Voilà, c’est tout 🙂

Peel and cut your beet in quarter while bringing some water to the boil. When it’s boiling, plunge the beetroot till it’s soft. Meanwhile,  boil the quail eggs in water for 4 minutes. 

Put the beetroot aside  for a future salad, a hummous, soup… and keep the water which should be pinky/purple. 

When your eggs are cooked, peel them gently and plunge them in the pinky/purple water for a few hours. Ideally in the fridge for 12 hours. 

It will work with only a few hours, trust me,  the color won’t be as marked as if you live them for 12 hours but it will still be pink and very pretty. You will obtain the cutest, little pretty eggs for apero, to eat just like that like a candy or with mayonnaise for a girly version of ‘oeuf mayonnaise’.


Bon apéro mes amis !




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