- ‘Vancouverites brewer and baker, ‘The Black Kettle’ and ‘Gretchen’s -Here and now’

After trying to find, in vain,  the famous signature dish in Vancouver,  I went to ‘The Black Kettle’ brewery to drown my sorrow in alcohol.

It’s in North Vancouver, 45 min by bus from the center, great way to see a bit more of the city.  

Victor, my great host, gave me the whole lot to taste, 5 in total, at 2pm on en empty stomach it can be dangerous for me, so I asked if they spit like we do on wine tasting and he simply replied : ‘I don’t know but I don’t do it’. 

Not to be too demanding I didn’t ask for a bucket and like them.. didn’t spit…

I learnt a lot about hop and different aromas, alcohol helping, I met people at the counter, had a chat with Brian, the owner, who told me the story about the Black Kettle, growing small batches for local people, his family growing apples that he will use to make the ‘Snake Bite’ a brew to come soon, made of 60% cider and blond brew. 
Between the IPA (Indian Pale Ale), the Pale, Blond,  my favourite was the Tropic Thunder with pineapple hop.












I left this friendly atmosphere, how can I say, a bit disheveled, and I  managed somehow to reach the cute bakery next door  that I spotted on my arrival :  ‘Gretchen’s -Here and now’. 

Gretchen is super friendly, she cooks organic sweet and savoury pasties, pies, cakes while telling me that she’s use to have people like me, starving after leaving ‘The Black Kettle’. 

Everything is organic, she doesn’t even provide the coffee cups for a take away, you have to bring your own, no waste. 

It smells good and it tastes good. 






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