- Swan Oyster Depot

Everything is a question of doing it or not.

Waiting ‘to have time to do it’ or just do it, now.

So as always, I did, except that I was not emotionally ready ! And I had to to go to the Swan Oyster Depot as it was at the first place on my ‘things to do’ list.

It was as unexpected as it was great.

Crabs, oysters, salmon, sea orcin… You are going to queue at the door but it worth it !

It’s old (since 1912), old fashion and I loved it, nothing to do with those trendy, pretentious places where you pay for the decoration. Swan Oyster Depot is authentic, real. You pay for what you have, the freshest seafood ever, a divine cocktail sauce and a nice talk with your neighbor at the counter. 

Life should always be like that, like sharing lunch with your fishmonger, simple and delicious.

Swan Oyster Depot : 15-17 Polk Street 94109 San Francisco; CA







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