- Life is full of surprises ! San Francisco #1

I have this great memory about London, when I arrived there on my own, 9 years ago and this amazing feeling of freedom I had.

It was in June and it was hot,  London was on heatwave alert (always the case when the thermotmeter rises above 25°C), but for me, it was perfect.
I had 2 massive luggages, heavier than me, a velvet trousers, pull over, socks and trainers just in case it would be very cold as everybody in the South warned me.
So my big surprise was those 27°C, all this green everywhere, people playing criket in Kew Bridge park (yes I had the chance to be in this beautiful area straight when I arrived, it helps, I know)… It was so lovely, and I had this feeling of complete freedom, it was soft and delicate, light, something still alive in me, still palpable when I think about it…. And I fell in love with London, it was love at first sight, the longest love affair I’ve had so far…

I thought I would feel the same when I landed to San Francisco a few days ago…. The sea, the sun, beautiful people running on the marina, those cute little colorful houses….

Well, not exactely…

Very jet lagged, welcomed by lovely people, well looked after,  still, I felt like I had been parachuted from the plane without being, I don’t know, prepared maybe ? Well, it was difficult to explain, I didn’t plan to go to the US so fast, I had the opportunity to go there whenever I wanted and the fate did the rest. Everything happened so quick, no more flat, no more boyfriend…. So I took the opporunity to go to San Francisco for a while. 
For 2 days, I wondered why people liked San Francisco so much, why we say it’s the French people’ US’ favourite city etc. Houses are definitely very cute, the cable buses or muni as they call it are very typical, like those toboggan streets but no excitment whatsoever, no sign of love.

2 days later, I kind of woke up, realized where I was and why, understood the meaning of it, accepted that everything happens for a reason and so, everything started to be easier and I began to like this city very much. 






China town , the oldest in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia, where I had lunch for 6 dollars in a family style canteen where I shared my table with this pretty girl and her grandfather.









‘Blue Bottle’ cafe, good coffee, alembics and new way to make your morning brew, the Italian’s way but more Californian, same system, different machine. A few in SF, also serve breakfast sandwiches, toast with butter,  poached eggs…








I wanted to carry on and tell you about the ‘Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival’ and the ‘Fort Mason’ market but I am now off to the Napa Valley so I’ll be back soon. x

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