- A coffee and a rant to start the week-end

So here I am…. stranded between the piano and the jukebox at ‘Caffe Trieste’ …. why between the jukebox and piano? Because that’s where I can plug my computer. Regulars apparently know where the sockets are, there are only two in the whole bar.  So the computerists/working-from-home people are clustered around. Now I know. 

The reason why there are only 2 sockets is because this bar in North Beach is nearly 60 years old and nothing has moved since then. The only thing that is new here is the food and the coffee sold by cup or by grain.  
Locals young and less young know the staff, come for their everyday brew, and to listen to the gossips, old fashion Italian music or even opera.  
At ‘Caffe Trieste’ they also have Saturday afternoon/evening concert when celebrities join the crowd, like Luciano Pavarotti and Bill Crosby…

I  love that kind of place, where the walls, the table and even the sockets tell a story, have a soul and I am so glad that such places have survived the Starbucks invasion but again it’s our job to boycott chains if we want to preserve cafes, locals shops etc who are the lifeblood of our neighborhood, in London,  San Francisco or anywhere else in the world ! Oups, sorry, I digress topic… But I can’t stress enough how important it is to care and not just say that ‘it’s a shame that local shops are disappearing’ blah blah blah… without doing nothing !  What we can do ? Boycott ! It’s our responsability, boycott is the only way so let’s try not to forget that, it’s no one else’s fault, it’s ours ! It’s not more expensive, the coffee and food are better (have you tried a Starbucks cookie for example? because I did and they don’t master in baking !) and you will help your area to preserve its soul, it’s just a question of walking sometimes one block more to avoid the  impersonal, ugly string of what they call cafés. 

We have the choice, we have to cherish that, not everybody has choices in the world, we do so let’s stop complaining without doing nothing !

Well after this little ‘coup de gueule’ I  let you to appreciate the venue, the vibe…












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