- Cardamom cookies

As it was (for me at least) difficult to make speculoos, after three attempts I decided to make cardamom speculoos.

It’s silly how you sometimes manage to cook something elaborated and miss a so simple recipe like speculoos, anyway, it will be the topic of one of my future post cause I won’t give up so easily !

 It’s the carnival period, I wish I would be in Brazil again, drinking Cachaça, jumping on samba rhythm by 35 degres… It was 3 years ago.. This year I am listening to classical music while dipping my ‘ganse’ in my coffee. Quiet different but still nice. We make ‘ganses’ in Provence for carnival, my grand-mother was making the best. Spinkled with icing sugar they are also great the following day dipped in tea or coffee. I bought my ganses at ‘Aux pains de papy’ in King’s Cross which is a French bakery who follows the seasons and the traditions : http://www.auxpainsdepapy.co.uk/

While I am imagining that I am in Maceo in Brazil, my dough is chilling in the fridge.

Cardamom cookies for 15 small biscuits


  • 150g of self raising flour
  • 75g of butter
  • 50g golden caster sugar
  • 2 tsp of ground cardamom
  • 1 egg
  • Icing sugar and water for the icing 


Rub the butter and flour together until it forms small breadcrumbs. Then add the caster sugar and ground cardamom. Beat the egg in a separate bowl and add it ot the dry mix little by little.

Mix the ingredients until they form adough a bit sticky. Set aside in bowl covered with cling film and in the fridge for 30min

Then roll out on a floured surface of half a centimeter thick and cut the biscuit with a pastry circle, you should have around 15 biscuits.




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