- Let’s be better in 2015

First of all I wanted to wish a wonderful new year. May 2015 brings you health, love and happiness.

I had a long and lazy break in Nice where the sun was out and the sky so blue that it was nearly disturbing. The Christmas decorations in the street didn’t match with the palm trees and the fact that we spent a lot of lunches eating at a terrace was not really normal.

As everybody knows, France and the world are upset because of what happened to the caricaturists in Paris. It’s very sad, upsetting and also amazing to see that in New-York neon messages ‘Je suis Charlie’ are blinking on buildings frontage. Amazing yes, to see such a support from all over the world.

Seeing all that explosion on social media, seeing people so concerned, solidary and supportive… I couldn’t help thinking : ‘Are we always that supportive, understanding and friendly ? I mean, all year long ? Do we give enough? Are we considerate enough? Social media are very good, they are here for people to denounce things but apart from denouncing, what do we do for others, concretely in our everyday life?

As a good resolution for the new year that would be great, no ? Helping more each other and be more considerate, not only with the boyfriend but also with your neighbor who struggle to carry his shopping bags for example ….. I didn’t have any resolution really, not because Im perfect (at all), I smoke and I don’t want to stop (sorry) I drink wine and I don’t want to stop (again…sorry) but more because my life is good the way it is, I just want to carry on working on my company, improve myself, improve my cooking skills and please my clients and the rest will follow, according to me.

So trying to improve ourselves in a way that we would improve other’s life, stop thinking about ourselves first for once, would be a good idea. 

It’s like, food talking, buying responsibly, cooking and eating responsibly. Meaning : being conscious (at least being conscious is already a big step for some, trust me) about what we buy, what we eat, where the food we buy is coming from, eat more vegetables and less meat for the reason we all know and try not to forget those reasons when it’s time for shopping. It’s always easier to go for a more simple solution, not being worried and find an excuse to everything we do.

 Reuse, recycle, make things with our hands and don’t waste, good behavior starts at home, everyday.

To finish, no recipe, no picture but a little cute movie that explains that sadly human being is responsible for the bad health of earth. Again, we all know that and I don’t want you to be depressed for this new year so let’s take it from another angle, in a positive way. We already made enough damages so from now on we have to cherish the good things we have left for a better world, at least we can try.

Happy New year !




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