- Home made almond milk

I was reading this morning that milk is now cheaper than bottle of water.

The problem is always the same, produce more and cheaper. Cows produce 18% more milk than in 2001. How ? Well, everybody knows that, hormones, antibiotics etc… Produce more unhealthy cows that produce more unhealthy milk to produce more waste in supermarkets for more farmers without jobs and more food allergy as 80% of food allergy are coming from cow milk.

I am not vegetarian but I tend to eat less and less meat and I am nearly dairy free (I still do little extra with cheese sometimes) but apart from that, no more yogurt (and I used to love it), no more crème fraiche (I am drooling over my computer just thinking about it) and no more milk which I miss sometimes as well, I used to drink a lot of hot chocolate and cold milk and mint syrup (love it).

So now, I do soya and I do a lot of almond milk, and I also make my own, so making my own is simple and if not completely organic (the farmer puts fertilizer when growing almond tree, to have more almonds, faster, and so, produce more milk …..etc…) but at least I like to think that it’s a better option.


Homemade almond milk

Basically you will need almonds and water.

Soak 250g of raw almonds without skin, overnight.

Rinse them a few times, blend them with a bit of water, add some more water little by little till you obtain the consistency you want.

Then, you will have to strain the milk with a nut bag, or cheese cloth or even a coffee machine filter.

Once your milk is done, you can keep the pressed almonds, bake them on a parchment in the oven till it’s golden, you can keep it in a dry place for a few weeks and sprinkle your cakes, and even mix it with flour when baking.






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