- Brèves de Comptoir #11 November 2014

‘Brèves de comptoir’ are authentic quotations collected from everyday life and particularly gossips at the bistrot. Absurd borders on humour or poetry, news and sometimes philosophy. Mine are of course food oriented, a concentrate of what feed my life, what I swallow every day, what I read, hear, try, taste… In London and the world…


–  Check out this website  http://fatandfuriousburger.com/ for great graphic design of greasy burgers

– The urban farm ‘The Severn Project’ founded by Steve Glover in 2010 is making babies and offers  jobs to ex drug and alcohol addicts and also people with poor mental health. Offering a social integration to those with offending backgrounds, they are growing salad leaves on disused lands and also worrying on reducing carbon emissions by delivering their salad by bicycle. ‘The Severn Project’ in Bristol  http://thesevernproject.org/

– It’s written again on newspapers : the benefits of red wine.  I tell you in every single ‘Brèves de Comptoir’. So now scientists discovered that antioxidant in red wine could help reduce acne.

– Los Angeles and San Francisco have a new addiction : seaweed snacks, still difficult to find in Europe but I am keeping my eyes open and will keep you updated as apparently, in addition to be packed with vitamins, it’s delicous.

– The new trend, the must-have in hospitality is the low sugar champagne. They call it a fizz, for the French I am it’s already a bad beginning, an insult for our heritage. http://www.thomsonandscott.com/

– Hundred of thousand of free meals will be served in over 300 Sikh Gurdwaras (temples) across London this week. The institution of the Sikh ‘langar’ (or free kitchen) was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. It was designed to maintain the principle of equality between all people regardless of religion, colour, age, gender or social status…

– It’s official, the best whisky in the world has been elected and it’s…. Japanese ! Our Scottish friends are still in shock as it’s the first year that they are not even on the top 5 in 12 years whisky bible’s history. The ‘Yamazaki’ single malt sherry cask is described as an exquisite boldness, with a finish of light and teasing spices.

– ‘Cereals killer café’ is about to open in December on Brick lane, London. With over 100 kind of cereal and more than 13 different milk. Let’s hope they have camel milk to drop on my coco pops as I’ve always wanted to try it, the camel milk.

– After the edible burger wrapping paper, here is the coffee cup that you can eat. It costs a fortune but still is very successful, it’s Melrose place in LA s’il vous plait ! http://www.alfredcoffee.com/

– Hortus cuisine is a blog written by Valentina a young Italian from Via Fratta (Northeastern Italy). From her garden she uses seasonal ingredients and her pictures are from another era, just beauty ! http://hortuscuisine.com/



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