- Ajo Blanco

It’s been a perfect day…

Sunny, hot but not too much, market for my vegetables, bakery for my bread and cooking at home trying a few things for my event tomorrow.

Nina Simone is playing ‘Good Bait’ (one of my favorite), a glass of red wine, ‘le chéri’ is not with me today and it’s good otherwise it would have been too perfect, a bit surreal.

After this piling of perfection, too boring, I tried this ‘Ajo Blanco’ I made and it’s not perfect at all, now life is back to normal.  Ajo Blanco, originating in Andalousia is supposed to be a cold soup, and even though I’ve added a lot more liquid than indicated in the recipe, it was nice, a bit weird and even after a few hours spent in the fridge, so very cold,  it’s nice… a bit weird. It’s not a soup Mrs-I-wrote-the-Spanish-recipes-book, according to your proportions, it’s a paste. And I divided the bread’s proportion by 2 !

What am I gonna do with a few bowls of bready/garlicky paste ? Arancini kind of ?

Anyway I have a new recipe for the ‘Ajo Blanco’, more liquid, yes a soup, delicious and not weird.

Not having anymore whole almonds, I tried with almond powder and it was delicious.

Ajo Blanco
, serves 2

Ingredients :

  • 200g almond powder
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 180ml of water
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil


Bring to the boil the 180ml of water then add the almond powder, whisk.

Peel the garlic clove and put it in a blender with the mix water and almond and adding a splash of olive oil.

Blend till very smooth add salt and pepper to the taste, ladle the soup into chilled bowls and set into the fridge for a few hours. If you don’t have enough time you can add an ice cube per bowl just before serving and a few grapes for decoration. Et c’est tout !


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