- Spring is the perfect time to go to ‘Carré Llorca’

It’s officially official, Spring is here !!! We have to celebrate !

Today in London, like a lot of days in London, it was raining, then sunny and rainy again…

When I think Spring, I automatically think about the south of France and the sea and the food we have in summer.

Food wise I think Alain Llorca.

Native son, his cuisine looks, smells and tastes the south of France.

After graduating and a first experience at the restaurant ‘Les Peintres’ in Cagnes sur mer, he stayed for 8 years in the palace the ‘Negresco’ where he won 2 Michelin stars. His ascension brought him to take the reins of the ‘Moulin de Mougins’ for 4 years before starting his own ‘Carré Llorca’ in Vallauris in 2007 and recently opened one in Nice.

Elegant and informal, the kitchen is open and behind the stoves, Mr Alain Llorca himself, tall and impressive cooking a delicate, sunny, fresh and perfect cuisine.

The service is attentive but not ponderous and the price is just fine, normal, average for that kind of haute and precise cuisine.

It was just a bliss !




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