- Poached pear, cheese and Parma ham… and Paris very soon !


I am so excited that I find difficult to focus on work. My Paris’ trip is coming soon…. OMG Paris…

Me, French from the south always so excited when it’s about Paris.

Paris is definitely a woman. Beautiful, elegant, generous… Paris and her bistros, Paris and her dogs’ poop on the pavement, Paris and her grumpy people, Paris and her lights and her lovers kissing on benches… I have a long ‘to do’ and ‘to go’ list, I can’t wait ! Of course a Paris’post will follow.

Well, let’s try to concentrate on this new dish.

I tried to elegantly present the version of something I love, the mix cheese, pear and parma ham.


Poached pear, parma ham and Roquefort cheese,  serves 4

Ingredients :

– 4 pears

– 12 Parma ham slices

– 25 cl of sweet white wine

– 25cl of water

– 100g of Roquefort cheese

Method :

Peel the pears, cut them in half and empty them. Cut the bottom of the pear, it will be easier to wrap them ‘standing’ with a flat bottom.

Bring the water and wine to the boil. Poached the pears for around 10min. Leave it to cool down a bit and pre-heat the oven on 200°C – Gas 6

Mash the Roquefort and fill the inside of the pear with it.

Close the pears and wrap them gently with Parma ham without forgetting to wrap the bottom of the pear to close it and keep the cheese inside when melting.

Put it in the oven for 10min ‘standing’ the ham has to be a bit grilled.

If you don’t like Roquefort cheese you can use Stilton or even Cheddar. To serve with baby spinach leaves and walnuts to impress your guests.




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