- Food News and Gossips Journal, the last for 2013 !

My ‘Food news and gossips Journal’ is a monthly concentrate of what feed my life, what I swallow every day, what I read, hear, try, taste…in London and the world…

– ‘Sofrito’ (sauce used as a base in Spanish cuisine) can reduce the risk of health disease and cancer. The antioxidant substances in Sofrito (tomato, olive oil, onion…) are known to be effective in preventing prostate and lung cancer. Researchers in Barcelona show how it’s packed with carotenoids and polyphenols. Yes, we all know for a long time that a southern diet is very healthy. What else my Spanish friends? Anything new ?

– Queen Margaret university offers the first UK masters in gastronomy for £8200 a year, cheap no? The teachers, are they all Scottish ?

 – If like me, you don’t like the food on flight, don’t blame airline companies anymore ! Our senses are scrambled at high altitude, the Manchester university said. Sweet and salty sensors might be off as much as 30% while on flight. What do they do with the 70% left ? Are they off too in order not to detect their overcooked pasta ?

– A daily glass of wine could be beneficial to health after scientists discovered moderate alcohol consumption boosts the immune system and could help fight infections (I could have told them that !). That’s what I always say to you and for a long time now, let’s drink red wine !

– If you want to do a good deed in 2014, buy your crockery online at  http://boutique.survivalfrance.org/collections/maison who support tribal people worldwide.

– There are over 1000 kind of sausage in Germany

– After the baobab, the new super food is Amaranth. Typically consumed in West Africa, Amaranth is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and essential minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Just that ! You can find some at : http://www.realfoods.co.uk/product/770/real-foods-organic-amaranth-seeds-gluten-free-vegan-bulk-wholesale it can be cooked, ground, popped, sprouted, or toasted.

– http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25449219 The restaurant Rub & Stub in Copenhagen is fighting against waste and serves food that supermarket don’t sell. Let’s hope a lot will follow.

– What is a known as a method drug-smugglers used to bypass border checks cost a man‘s life after he accidentally drank a pear juice laced with cocaine in the warehouse where he worked in Southhampton.

After those happy and less happy news I wish you a very Happy New Year ! See you in 2014 !

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