- Winter salad

Once upon a time in my world….

‘Guys, if anyone tells me again that there is no more coriander in the fridge, I hang you by the balls above the grill’… Lovely… Welcome to my world people… In that particular moment, I am so happy not to be a man and cannot be hanged…

The sous chef, a few days ago at 8am, was a bit upset but still calm when he threaten his brigade full of men and me.

My world is masculine and Mexican for a few weeks.

I learn Spanish for a few month so it’s a very good thing that I work with Spanish speaking people and I am very proud to announce that from a level 1, I am now a level 1.5 !

I obviously learn Mexican cuisine : ceviche, quesadillas, frijoles, chicken ‘al Pastor’… And my ‘delicate French tastebuds’ as they say, are becoming Mexican.

Chili, coriander and lime… But Mexican cuisine is not about chili only. It’s vibrant, so colorful, a mix of sweet and savoury, a warm blanket that envelops you to survive the winter sometimes too arsh, I just love it. My trip to Mexico was just before I started my blog but still I will post some of the pictures very soon to share the beauty of this country and of course Mexico city which is a giant picnic.

For now, I am off today and I am cooking just for a change, my catering menu will change soon, I made some tests this afternoon, like some ‘crunchy Bloody Mary’, ‘ham, chicory and Roquefort cheese rolls’, some black puffs with chocolate which I am not completely happy with…

And here is the picture of this fabulous salad I also made with the same ingredients that I made my ham and chicory rolls. You just need some cooked ham, chicory, orange quarters, Roquefort cheese, walnuts, beetroot and a few celery sticks for the color.

Bon appétit ! Don’t go out, it’s too cold, stay home with comfort food !



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