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As Christmas displays are on for nearly two months, we can’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner even if we wanted to.

I refuse to think about Christmas yet ! Before Christmas there is Halloween, my birthday and of course, of course, Le Beaujolais !

Beaujolais considered as a bad young wine by sommeliers and experts, still, French people celebrate it happily with saucisson and fromage.

This year again, I will be at La Cave de L’Opera, my favourite wine shop in London.

Number 1

The oldest existing arcade in the world (from 1818) shelter La Cave de L’Opera where I spent, let’s say a few romantic evenings as well as very long ‘apero’….

Number 2

Number 3

An old piano and a record player for a cosy and intimate evening, a lot of tastings, art exhibition and delicacies to pair with your drink lovingly chosen by Monsieur Aurelien.

He is the character of the place, the one who tells the stories behind the wine’s name (my favourite is the story of ‘Padre Pio’), the one who buys some ‘perles rares’ like wines from Georgia and Croatia and the one we just like to have a chat with about what make his eyes sparkle…wine.

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

NUmber 9

Number 012

Numero 8

Numero 9

Number 10

Number 11

Number 12

The next event is the 5th of November for the exclusive launch of Amber Glen Scotch whisky from 6pm, see you then !

Pall Mall Fine Wine

6-7-8 royal Opera Arcade

Pall Mall, London


00 44(0) 207 321 2529

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