- Spring time, joy and grenadine

Spring makes me so dizzy with joy, it is the end of the pomegranate season but the beginning of loads of colorful, deliciously beautiful fruits.

Spying at work again but this time behind the bar while the bartender was making its own grenadine syrup. OMG! Grenadine ? The real one? The one I miss since I live in London? Yes, that one. Time for me to make one before pomegranate disappear from the market’s stalls. They would disappear in my dreams…. In reality they won’t but we will stop buying them for a few months, won’t we ?

In France we drink a lot of syrup, mint, strawberry, orgeat, grenadine… With still or sparkling water, milk or alcohol.

Grenadine reminds me my grand-father so much… He used to make those very old fashion grenadine syrup popsicles with wooden stick that he would collect back to make some new ones.

There are always a few dishes that our grand-parents always make better than anyone else in the world. For me it was fresh ravioli, ‘gratin de viande’, ‘pâtes au pistou’, ‘escaloppes panées’, ‘choux à la crème’ and ‘sucette glacées’.

I made my own syrup today and by adding some water I can then make my popsicles for the hot coming days (if one day they are coming).


With one pomegranate you can make around 100ml of syrup.

Put the seeds in a pan with 50g of granulated sugar and 1cm of grated fresh ginger, 1 star anise, a tiny trickle of water and bring them slowly to the boil. Let it simmer for 10min, take the star anise off the pan then crush the seeds on a sieve to collect the juice. Pour it in a jar or bottle and store it in the fridge, it will last for a few months.


Joy oh Joy !!!

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