- Papaya salad

I am not going to start talking about the weather again, to avoid you my moans.

The good news is that my brother is getting married, I spent one week in Nice and obviously the main conversations were about the big day.

I love staying to one of my sister’s in her little cute flat. I lie down heavily on her sofa to watch TV (it’s a luxury for me as I don’t have any in London), while she is cooking for me. The only thing that moves is my thumb on the remote control.

My sister is a great cook, actually she cooks more than me. Together we watched cooking programs with a glass of wine talking about the menu for that big day. I love those privileged moments.

So yes, good guess, the other good news is that we are going to cook for our brother’s wedding, the three sisters behind the stove. Happy bro?

I started to experiment. We saw a chef on a program making a papaya salad ‘carottes râpées’ way. It was beautiful, the only thing is, it’s unrealizable unless your papaya is not ripe, meaning tasteless. I tried, yesterday…and today with new and less ripe ones, same thing, I grated them softly and all I obtain was a puree, it’s good if you want a smoothie.

I chopped all of them very finely by hand but still, it’s too juicy to obtain the dry ‘carottes râpées’ effect.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in your kitchen, just slice the papaya, add some fresh peas and strawberries (both are in season now), the mix is great. No need to boil the peas, just marinate them half an hour before with a lemon-lime and olive oil dressing. Even without the ‘carottes râpées’ effect, the result is the same, pretty and delicious.



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