- Lunch at Viking Land

Last week I went to the hospital for a MRI of my bowel, I left with no pain in my belly, but with the vision completely blurred… It happens to some, and I was definitely one of them.

So frustrating no to be able to check the map on my phone. I knew I was not far from the Viking land and I was soooo hungry ! I had a big great plan, a very late lunch with myself at the Scandinavian kitchen.


Cosy and welcoming, all in red and wood, a bit like an Ikea show room (I know, this one was easy), full of tall and blond people… The king of Sweden on the wall and a poster of ‘Blabus’ very 70’ in the toilets (love it).





As my vision was still not clear the waitress gave me advices after listening to me moaning that I was starving.

Full combo hot dog (ketchup, mustard, fried onions on the top) a sweet potatoes salad with tarragon and seeds and smoked salmon and cream on toast, not to forget dessert, a sticky chocolate cake.



Belly full, vision recovered, all fine.

The staff and clients communicate in a strange language (the Viking maybe?) and seem to understand each other.

They hang their tube of sauce (or paste) on a rack like smoked salmon and even the chef is Scandinavian ! God ! Sounds that the Nordic world is all reunited on Great Titchfield Street ! Lovely !




‘The Scandinavian kitchen’

61 Great Titchfield Street

London W1W 7PP

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  1. Stéphanie says:

    It looks a little bit to weird for me, but as is not expensive will like to try it!

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