- The best sommelier of the world

I hate being late but always I am.

That’s why I run all the time… not to be late. People often tell me that it’s not fair because I have a very good appetite, I work with food and I am a size 8.

I don’t really agree with that, I am definitely a size 8 and eat a lot yes, but I run a lot too, that’s why I don’t put on weight, there’s no secret…

I remember when my mum came to visit me for the first time a few years ago, she tried to follow me and kind of live my life, running from early in the morning, working, running again, going out…. She lost 3 kilos in one week! She was tired but happy.

I should maybe organize workshops called for example ‘Live my life, eat a lot and lose weight’ something like that… It could be an idea.

So to be faithful to myself, I arrived breathless, at the ‘Best sommelier of the world competition’ 2013.

It started 6 months ago with the first shortlisting online, 100 people, 31 countries represented, 40 questions, all in 10min not to leave enough time to the candidates to cheat.

Jonathan Fillion a French sommelier working at ‘Murano’ with the famous Angela Hartnett finished at the third position, meaning he was selected to attend the big day.

So one week ago on that big day at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel the 30 people left worked very hard on 100 tricky questions, 2 blind tasting, talks about 2 wines according to their labels and an essay from a picture.

And in an impressive room full of people from the wine’s world, Jonathan again, on stage passing the final test. Stressful :






6 judges and two tables with pretended customers.

30min and 6 tests :

1. Wine Tasting

2. Aperitif serving and pairing to table A (the lady on that table actually played the annoying customer very well)

3.  Pairing to table B

4. Decanting

5. Communication Test

6. Wine List





I am very proud and without any chauvinism at all (ok, just a bit) to announce that Jonathan finished second, so yes my people, the 2nd best sommelier of the world is French !


What about the 1st one? All right, he’s Italian, his name is Luca Martini, and yes, for him as well, respect and applauso !!!

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