- Brick Lane wanderings

Brick Lane, an East London street, runs from the northern part of Bethnal Green, passes through Spitalfields and linked to Whitechapel High Street is the heart of the Bengalis community.

Successive waves of immigrants, in the 17th century, French weavers were based on Spitalfields so it became the area for weaving, tailoring and clothing industry.

Then in the 19th century came Irish and Jewish from Germany. The Sunday market on Petticoat Lane and Columbian road dates from the early 19th century and has been developed by the Jewish community.

Later in the 20th century, Bengladeshis was the predominant group of immigrants.

Brick Lane is colorful, rough, lively with street art all over its walls, people with piercing, underground pop-up museums and an incredible energy.






Thanks to the Bengladeshi community, Brick Lane is now the curry houses area, but it’s also famous for its bagel and will be for the fish and chips very soon with Fins and Trotters Kitchen.


You will say that a fish and chips is a fish and chips right ? But no, absolutely not.

Fins and Trotters Kitchen don’t laugh with food, they make a very serious fish and chips. They give a lot of importance to the quality and freshness of their ingredients, nothing to do with a heavy fish made in the morning, dragging on a window, waiting to be warmed.

A fish and chips is like a burger, it can be a real bloody good fish and chips. The cherry on the cake, their tartar sauce is a killer.



Go to see Andrea and Kasia on their stall.


Fins and Trotters Kitchen

Fridays : St Katharine Docks Good Food market, E1W 1UH London

Sundays : Brick lane, E1 6RU




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