- Made with love and a lot of cream

My latest event was last Saturday. 35 people, 210 canapes, 140 choux and 8 quiches…

Sounds a lot for a little person like me and it is. But I enjoyed it so much…. I am the kind of person who loves that stress, short (just a few hours) but so intense. You have to be quick as you do everything on your own, no time to mess up something and do it again, you have to have a list (my brain doesn’t help me enough in that case) not to forget anything and arrive on site, fresh, smiling… Not at all like someone who has just cooked for 12 hours in a raw…

The part I enjoy much is the last minute ‘dressage’ of plates, the design side of it. I strain myself , check from the top, from the bottom, and make sure that all is neat and pretty.

From all of that I have a big satisfaction left, the impatience of doing the next one and a bit of dough and mushrooms.

Mushrooms’ mini quiches (for 8 minis or one normal)


– 1 puff or short crust pastry

– 300g of mushrooms

– 4 garlic cloves

– 200ml of single cream

– Grated cheese like cheddar

– Parsley and/or coriander, salt and pepper


Wash and chop the mushrooms very finely, fry them in a pan with a bit of oil, the parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Preheat the oven at 180°. Spread the dough, prick it with a fork and put on the mushrooms and cream on the top. Add salt and pepper one more time, sprinkle with the grated cheese and put it in the oven for around 20min till the cheese is nicely golden.




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