- To start the year nicely

2012 was again a really fast one….

Last year at the same time, I was starting my blog…

One year later I am writing from another kitchen,

a bigger one where I can happily spread myself.

I still enjoy so much working on my blog, still working hard to improve it and still so much to do… And still this strong French accent I can’t hide when I talk and write.

On the way for 2013 : Venture new places and revisit the ones I love, meetings with chefs, collaborate with people I like, shop on markets as always, trips to south America and Bali, and cook, and eat. That’s sounds like a plan.

A lovely smell’s emanating from my kitchen –‘Chicken, sweet potatoes and black rice noodles soup’.

To all my readers, I wish you a tasty, spicy and wonderful new year. Santé everyone !

Chicken, sweet potato and black rice noodles soup’ serves 4.

Ingredients :

– 2 liters of chicken or vegetables stock

– 600 g of chicken brest

– 1 big sweet potato

– 250g of black rice noodles or normal rice noodles

– 1 tbsp of green curry paste

– 400ml of coconut milk


Bring the stock to the boil then put the chicken and sweet potato cut in big chunks. Leave it on medium heat for 10min. When the sweet potato is tender add the coconut milk and the curry paste. Put some salt if needed. At the last minute put the rice noodles in, stop the heat and cover the soup with a lid for a few minutes. You can definitely prepare this soup the day before, reheat it and put the noodles always at the last minute.


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